Are you having a difficult time at work? Maybe you need to have a conversation with your boss about your value or how a coworker is treating you. Or, are you anxious and stuck trying to figure out the best way to start an important conversation with your best friend or spouse?

Conversations about intense issues can be difficult to navigate. The last thing we want to do is make it worse. The wrong approach can leave a lasting negative impact on a special relationship. The right approach, however, can help you build that relationship, not only working through an issue but improving communication as a whole.

Dr. LeGrice has been working with individuals and couples in Fort Worth for over 25 years, helping them to see when a critical conversation needs to happen and the right way to navigate it. Her short guide, “The Four Steps to a Successful Critical Conversation,” prepares you for getting started. These four steps provide a great start for understanding the best way to engage your boss, significant other, or friend. Employing them can create a safe environment for a productive conversation, preventing an argument before it starts.

To help prepare yourself for the next critical conversation and begin improving your communication, fill out the form below and download The Four Steps to a Successful Critical Conversation for free.