In addition to Hold Me Tight Workshops, I offer Continuing Education Courses for Social Workers, Counselors and other Mental Health Professionals.

Examples of Workshops Available:

Critical Conversations – Effectively handling emotionally charged conversations can be some of the most challenging work we do. Whether they happen between staff and supervisor, therapist and client or between family members we tend to get stuck when we come up against delivering difficult news, responding to disagreements or even trying to get others to do something they don’t want to do. Some of us avoid these conversations in an attempt to keep the peace and others want to tackle the issue head on sometimes appearing aggressive and ineffective. This training focus’ on teaching specific steps to engage in critical conversations that make it safe to talk about almost anything. Participants will learn how to prepare for challenging situations and transform intense emotions into powerful dialogue.

Understanding our attachment styles – We all long for safe secure relationships regardless of our background, our living situation, or our family of origin. Understanding our own attachment styles can positively impact and deepen all of our relationships. This training will explore how adult attachment theory relates to personal and work relationships. Participants will learn how to identify the four attachment styles as well as learn specific strategies in working with individuals with each attachment style to build solid, secure relationships at home and at work.

Ethics and Evidence Based Practices – Those of us in the helping profession got into this line of work because we care about helping people solve problems. This course provides an overview of understanding how the evidence is critical to engaging in ethical practice. Participants will receive a review of social work ethical principles; code of conduct; and standards of practice​. Participants will learn how to ask evidence –based questions and will learn specific practices for the effective treatment of children and adolescent mental health.

Effectively Managing Sibling Relationships – Do you worry about your own children arguing too much? Do you ask yourself ‘is this normal’? Do you wonder if you should intervene or just let them work it out? Maybe you have an adult sibling relationship that you have concerns about. Do you want to feel more connected? This course consists of seven sections including: understanding conflict; learning our inner world; setting our intentions; how to calm and regulate; connecting before you correct; identify and name the unmet need and how to repair. These specific skills will teach you how to better manage sibling relationships and create an environment that promotes solid secure family relationships.

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