Rewire your Relationship – The Guide




The Guide to Rewire your Relationships is a toolbox that will help you identify the patterns that aren’t really working anymore and create new patterns that are based on your specific attachment strategies. You’ll learn how to listen for your deep emotional longings and send clear messages to your partner that helps them understand more compassionately what you need.

First you’ll complete an assessment to determine where you are on the pathway to connection. Then you’ll complete an assessment to determine where your partner is on the pathway. This assessment will help you understand what areas you and your partner are strong in and what areas need special attention. 

Second you’ll complete the quiz “What is my attachment style” for yourself and then for your partner. Understanding your attachment styles will help you get a handle on the patterns that drive disconnection and distance.

Third you’ll go through the four steps in the Guide:

Step 1 – Understand your wiring. Learn about the role your attachment style plays in the relationship. Learn about the secret weapons: co-regulation and self-regulation and how they impact your relationship.

Step 2 – Learn how to get your needs met inside the relationship instead of thinking you need to look elsewhere to find nurturing and support. Learn the surprising ways you might be unintentionally pushing your partner away.

Step 3 – Repair Disconnection. Disconnections are inevitable but they don’t have to ruin your week! Practice the six steps to repair a disconnection. Recognize how triggers are preventing you from truly seeing the relationship clearly. Learn specific actions to take when you get triggered.

Step 4 – Build Healthy Habits. Learn how to inspire your partner in new ways that help your partner respond differently. Find out how to set healthy, reasonable boundaries that strengthen the relationship.

Then you’ll complete the post-assessment 6 weeks after you start the Guide. You’ll love seeing the progress on the pathway to secure connection.



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