5 Ways to Manage Panic

We are all facing so much uncertainty right now and this can lead to panic! Here are a few things I’m doing to deal with the uncertainty and manage the panic.

1. Know the difference between what you have control of and what you don’t have control of. Focus on what you DO have control of. For example I have control of how I respond to others and how I spend my time.

2. Create structure in your day. Keep your routine up. The brain craves structure.

3. Exercise EVERY day! Go for a walk around the block.

4. Stay socially engaged…even at a distance. In order to feel safe we need to feel connected and not alone. FaceTime a friend or call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and catch up.

5. Limit the news. That doesn’t mean avoid it, we need to know what is happening. Limit yourself to what feels reasonable-1 time a day? Twice a day? Reading the news activates the amygdala , the emotion center of the brain. Stepping away from the news allows the prefrontal cortex to come online. This part of the brain allows us to think more clearly and logically.

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